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The Qualys guide to building a solid security posture

Your Challenge

With GDPR’s vague but far-reaching requirements, one thing is clear for InfoSec teams: Your organisation must have solid security foundations to comply with this regulation. You need to prove you’re doing all you can to prevent breaches of your EU customers’ personal information.

How can we help

With the Qualys Cloud Platform and its integrated suite of cloud applications, you will be fully equipped to manage your GDPR readiness from a security and compliance perspective. Here, we’ll explain how Qualys can help you build solid foundations in key security areas.

Get full, instant visibility of all your global IT assets

Asset Inventory gives you a complete, continuously updated inventory of your assets, wherever they reside, giving you the visibility you need for GDPR compliance.

  • Continuous and automatic updates
  • Asset criticality rankings
  • Interactive, customisable dashboarding and reporting
  • Integration with your CMDB

Minimise third-party and internal risks

Security Assessment Questionnaire helps you scale and automate risk assessments of your third parties and internal teams, as required by GDPR.

  • Intuitive survey design and pre-built templates, including GDPR-specific resources
  • Simplifies questionnaire distribution
  • Automated campaign tracking and response monitoring
  • Centralised data aggregation

Assess security configurations of IT systems

Policy Compliance enables you to track and validate access to files and databases where GDPR-protected data is stored and analysed.

  • Quick policy creation
  • Identification and remediation of compliance issues
  • Comprehensive reports on performance against requirements
  • Extensive library of controls

Detect vulnerabilities and prioritise threat remediation

Vulnerability Management helps you “immunise” your IT assets against attacks through continuous detection, assessment and remediation of vulnerabilities.

  • Next-gen vulnerability management for hybrid IT environments
  • Six sigma vulnerability scan accuracy

Threat protection enables you to pinpoint the most critical threats so you can prioritise patching.

  • Real-time view of threats with customisable dashboard
  • Powerful search function

Protect web applications

Web Application Scanning gives you full visibility of the web apps involved in gathering and processing EU customer data.

  • Discovery and detection of web app vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to breaches
  • Identification of website infections, including zero-day threats

Web Application Firewall provides scalable, simple and powerful protection of web apps to prevent disclosure of GDPR-protected information

  • Quick blocking of attacks, virtual patching of vulnerabilities, and app access control.

Identify signs of compromise

File Integrity Monitoring lets you log and track file changes across global IT systems. It provides security controls in three key areas of GDPR.

  • Ensuring integrity of data stored in filesystems
  • Protecting confidentiality of data by detecting changes to file system access controls
  • Detecting breaches

Indication of Compromise lets you do threat hunting, monitor suspicious activity, and detect malware families. It can help you with GDPR requirements.

  • Protecting personal data
  • Knowing the extent of breaches so you can notify affected parties

Get visibility across your public clouds

Cloud Inventory gives you a comprehensive inventory of your public cloud workloads and infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Easy deployment
  • Control of ephemeral environments

Cloud Security Assessment continuously monitors and assesses your cloud assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments.

  • Insight and threat prioritisation
  • Quick identification of incident causes
  • Comprehensive DevOps protection

Come and visit Qualys at Stand B8 to find out more.

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