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Apira helps NHS Leeds and York Foundation Trust to realise its dream of a paperless future

Apira is a professional services business focussed on driving better use of better clinical systems to improve efficiency and patient outcomes, we work exclusively in healthcare and mainly for the NHS.

Electronic Patient Records Business Case and Procurement:


In this project we started work on a business case and specification for the procurement of a replacement Electronic Patient Record in 2016.


For the Business Case we followed the Treasury 5-case model covering the following areas:

  • Strategic Case – Why are we pursuing this project?
    • This was expressed in local and national context covering the investment objectives the Trust had for improving processes and patient outcomes
  • Economic Case – What are our options for delivery?
    • This covered identifying all the risks, costs and benefit areas and assessing these against selected options including the re-procurement of an EPR
  • Financial Case – Is the case affordable?
    • In this section we identified the sources of funding and identified the effect on the Trust in cash flow; income and expenditure and breakeven point terms
  • Commercial Case – What is our best route to market?
    • In this section we evaluated the possible routes to market including OJEU and various frameworks
  • Management Case – How are we going to deliver?
    • In this section we outlined how the Trust would approach deploying the solution once purchased

This document was produced in conjunction with the Trust and a Full Board signed off on the document in December 2016 initiating a procurement process.


In parallel to this we worked on the development of a specification and all the other documentation required to get to a launch ready state on the procurement process. This involved developing:

  • Memorandum of Information covering all relevant background details (technical and organisational) useful to bidders to help them construct their bids and offer a fixed price
  • Specification covering all requirements of a technical, functional and service related nature that the trust needs for a safe and effective solution. We also developed scripts to be sued to structure demonstrations and site visits
  • Offer Schedule this document provided a structure basis with which to solicit the supplier price within the procurement process
  • MEAT Sheet – Most Economically Advantageous Tender spreadsheet outlining and transparent evaluation model to be used in the procurement process to determine the preferred bidder
  • Invitation to Tender document covering instructions to bidders regarding the process.

Once ready these documents were quality assured and issued in an Open OJEU Process. We then managed the process to the point of final recommendation covering the collation and moderation of all evaluator score and the final assessment of the results using the MEAT sheet as published in the tender.


The results of this process were signed off at a Full Trust Board meeting in early 2018. After this, contract negotiations were managed and the final contract was signed by the Trust Director of Finance and the supplier Managing Director on July 4th 2018.


The Trust is now entering the deployment phase and we are assisting them with this working in a Programme Management capacity.


Apira specialise in:

  • Business Cases
  • Specification
  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Adoption
  • Exploitation


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